Pokemon Ultimate Journeys teaser puts finals in doubt with Eternatus cameo

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Pokemon Ultimate Journey’s final arc is wrapping up, but a surprise Eternatus cameo has fans worried the last battle may get interrupted.

While Pokemon Journeys fans in the US are just now getting Ultimate Journeys Part 1, those watching the Japanese version are almost finished with the final arc.

Ash has battled his way through the World Coronation Series Tournament and has just started to take on Leon in the Finals.

However, the preview for episode 131 included a brief cameo from Eternatus, which has some fans worried that the final battle between Ash and Leon will be interrupted.

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Pokemon Ultimate Journeys fans worried about Finals

Pokemon Journeys episode 130 premiered on October 28, 2022, in Japan, meaning fans have already seen the preview for the next episode.

The preview included more footage of Ash and Leon’s battle, which featured both Ash’s Dragonite and Pikachu taking on different members of Leon’s team.

Among the battle scenes, fans can catch a brief scene of Leon’s Eternatus breaking out of what appears to be some kind of glass container and shooting a red beam into the sky above the Tournament arena.

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Though that’s all we see of Eternatus in the preview, anime fans are concerned that the Tournament Finals are going to be interrupted for multiple episodes right when things are heating up.

A video of the preview found its way onto the PokemonAnime subreddit, where fans voiced their concern over Eternatus’ cameo. “Eternatus…what are you doing? Stop it. I’m enjoying the finals, said Mills65.

Other fans referenced past seasons of the anime where the final battle was interrupted, like NJPW_Puroresu who commented, “I’m both super hyped about the unexpected Eternatus, and scared hoping they won’t stop the match / do a Sun / Moon again.”

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Others suggested that since Eternatus is technically Leon’s Pokemon, it could interrupt the match and substitute itself for one of Leon’s other Pokemon, similar to Tapu Koko and Professor Kukui in the Sun and Moon anime.

Regardless of the outcome, Part 3 of the four-part finale is a week away. Only time will tell how Eternatus will factor into Ash and Leon’s decisive final battle for the World Coronation Tournament.