Pokemon anime fans think new protagonist is Ash and Serena’s daughter

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Pokemon anime fans are curious about the origins of the newly revealed protagonists for the Paldea seasons – especially knowing Ash Ketchum will no longer be the main character for new episodes.

One of the long-standing jokes of the Pokemon anime is the lack of aging suffered by the main characters. Despite the show’s twenty-five-year run-time, and an obvious passage of time throughout the many seasons, Ash Ketchum and his friends have remained unchanged – appearing somewhere between 10 and 13.

However, with the recent announcement that Ash’s journey will be coming to an end, many are speculating about Ash after he is grown. This has ranged from theories about Ash’s future profession, to who he may end up falling in love and raising a family with.

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Many fans of the original Indigo League episodes are convinced the enthusiastic protagonist will end up marrying the Cerulean Gym Leader Misty, but a large following of XYZ fans are more inclined to see Ash pair up with Kalos’ Serena. Additionally, the reveal of the new Pokemon anime protagonists has backed the possibility that Ash and Serena eventually end up married.

Pokemon anime fans are convinced Ash ends up with a daughter

According to a Twitter post by MasterLeytrx, the newly revealed female protagonist for the upcoming Pokemon anime seasons set in the Paldea region could be Ash and Serena’s daughter.

The post reads, “New Pokémon Protagonist: – Rika (in JP), same name as Ash’s (Satoshi’s) JP VA – From the Kanto Region – Refuses to talk about her family, keeps her Family Name a secret – Black Hair, Blue Eyes – Hair Clip is the same symbol as Ash’s Kanto Hat. Ash and Serena daughter confirmed?!”

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The post is followed by another comment from MasterLeytrx that amends the new main character’s name to “Riko” instead of “Rika”.

Pokemon anime fans in the comments have their own theories, with one saying “It’d be hilarious if it’s confirmed Ash is her father right away and the mother is kept a secret for 24 years.” while another adds, “If this theory is true then that means this anime takes place in the future?”

Other commenters throw out the possibility of the new protagonist being the daughter of Team Rocket’s James, as she has a similar shade of blue in her hair.

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While there isn’t any information that will truly give players the origin of the mysterious new heroine, it is likely the details will unfold as her story gets started. Her interesting backstory could be just the thing to help encourage Pokemon anime fans to transition into the next generation of the popular series.