Pokemon anime fans impressed by Terastallizing animation in Horizons

Chris Studley
Roy in Pokemon Horizons: The Series

For the first time in Paldea, we saw what Pokemon Terastallizing looks like in Horizons: The Series.

The latest episode of Pokemon Horizons: The Series gave fans of the franchise a deeper look at several characters and one protagonist’s abilities as a Pokemon trainer.

However, Episode 10 also showcased something that had yet to be seen in the Paldea region thus far.

The Terastal phenomeon, which should be well-known to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players, made its first appearance in Horizons – and fans had thoughts on the debut of Terastallizing.

The first Terastallizing sequence in Pokemon Horizons

In Episode 10 of Pokemon Horizons: The Series, Roy and his Fuecoco took on the distraught Brassius, the leader of Artazon Gym. This marked Roy’s first real test as a Pokemon trainer, as he’s had very few battles up to this point.

In the battle, Roy did struggle with handling Brassius’ Sudowoodo. Roy opted to have Fuecoco attack the Rock-type Pokemon with Fire, a type that Sudowoodo resists. Fuecoco, however, did damage Brassius’ Pokemon when it learned Stomping Tantrum, a Ground-type move.

After that shot, Brassius opted to Terastallize his Sudowoodo to a Grass-type. This marked the first time that the Terastal phenomenon was shown in the Pokemon Horizons anime.

The reaction to the Pokemon Terastallizing animation was quite positive. On Reddit, one user commented on the “HYPE LEVEL OVERLOAD” that took place during that scene. Another noted that the Terastal animation looked “better than expected.”

Twitter users also seemed to approve of the phenomenon and its animation sequence.

Roy did lose to Brassius in the battle, but the overall reaction to the match on social media was positive. Afterwards, Nemona — who also made her debut in Episode 10 — explained to Liko and Roy how the Terastal phenomenon works in the Paldea region.

Episode 11 of the Pokemon Horizons: The Series anime is set to air on June 16 in Japan.

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