Lucario returns to Pokemon Go in surprise raid boss update

Lucario appearing in Pokemon GoNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Lucario has returned to Pokemon Go in a new update as a surprise raid boss, and it will appear in 3-Star Raid battles worldwide.

Pokemon Go might have held countless events over the years, but some Pokemon still can be frustrating to catch. Lucario is a great example of this, as it’s one of the most popular Pokemon in the world, yet it can be a chore to acquire one in Pokemon Go.

The easiest way to acquire a Lucario in Pokemon Go is to hatch a Riolu and evolve it using 50 Riolu Candy. The problem is acquiring all of these Riolu Candy, as it means hatching a lot of Pokemon Eggs, which can take a long time.

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Fortunately, players now have another method for acquiring the elusive Lucario in Pokemon Go. The powerful Fighting/Steel-type Pokemon won’t be available for long, so make sure to prepare the best Pokemon for dealing it with it on the battlefield.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Lucario using Aura Sphere trailer screenshotThe Pokemon Company

Lucario has returned to Pokemon Go as a 3-Star Raid Boss

A new post on Pokemon Go Hub has revealed that Lucario is returning to Pokemon Go as a 3-Star Raid Boss. Lucario will be available from November 20-22, which means fans only have a narrow window of time to catch Lucario in this manner.

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As Lucario is a Fighting/Steel-type Pokemon, it’s weak to Fighting, Ground, and Steel-type moves. This means Pokemon like Charizard, Groudon (Primal), Blaziken, and Garchomp are excellent counters, especially if Mega Evolution is available.

It bears mentioning that the 3-Star Raid Boss version of Lucario CANNOT be Shiny. The people who want a yellow Lucario will be forced to rely on the Riolu hatching method in Pokemon Go, which takes a lot of time and luck to pull off.

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Lucario isn’t the only new Raid Boss being cycled in, as Hisuian Avalugg and Skarmory are also joining it in 3-Star Raids. As of the time of writing, Mega Kangaskhan is appearing in Mega Raids, and Cobalion is in 5-Star Raids.

The 3-Star Raid Boss version of Lucario won’t be around for very long, but at least it provides Pokemon Go players with an alternative method for catching it that doesn’t involve trading, especially if they have missed previous Lucario/Riolu events.

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