Pokemon Unite Lucario & Crustle exploits finally fixed after ruining ranked

. 9 months ago
lucario pokemon unite bug
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Lucario has been a staple in the Pokemon Unite meta for quite a while, but a recent exploit made the Pokemon an absolute killer in ranked and players were sick of it. Luckily, that problem has since been fixed.

Pokemon Unite’s recent release on mobile has brought the game back into the forefront for many players, not to mention its impressive rise in streaming popularity.

That being said, the game is still in its early stages and has its own problems that fans have run into – whether it be bugs, glitches, or full-on exploits.

What happened to Lucario most certainly falls into the latter following Patch 1.2 and players were capitalizing on the deadly results.

Pokemon Unite Lucario Profile
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The Sinnoh poster child is one of the most powerful characters in the game, even without the powerful exploit.

Lucario exploit in Pokemon Unite – fixed!

The bug, in action, can be seen in the clip below. However, the Pokemon Unite Twitter account has announced that the exploit has officially been fixed, along with an issue that was affecting Crustle.

For many, this will signal a return to ranked play after taking a small hiatus while the exploit was live.

This exploit was resolved two days after many began noticing it in their ranked games.

There were many to call out the issue on social media and Reddit while it was live, but this post by Swebalebleb captured the problem in the most comedic and concise way possible.

Although it happens in a flash, you can see in the clip that this Lucario was able to do some insane damage to the Venusaur player, resulting in a one-shot kill at full health. The Lucario is a higher level than the Venusaur (12 vs 9 from the looks of it) but that’s certainly not enough to justify that kind of damage.

A moderator on the Pokemon Unite subreddit pointed out the danger of discussing the bug because users were able to reliably replicate the same results. This made the issue all the more terrifying for random ranked players.

The mods followed through in banning users from discussing how to perform the exploit, but it was clear that many still found ways to get a hold of the broken build.

But, now that the issue is resolved, players should be able to safely take back to playing their games exploit-free.

While Lucario is still very strong in the current meta, at least fans won’t now be getting killed in one shot at full health.

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