Lechonk is everybody’s new favorite Pokemon after Scarlet & Violet trailer

lechonk pokemon scarlet violetNintendo

A new trailer dropped for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet which revealed a brand new adorable pig everybody has instantly fallen in love with, named Lechonk.

Pokemon reveals are one of those special times in gaming where everybody is glued to their phone to watch the reveal and then on social media to hash out if we like the new designs or not.

While the new Scarlet & Violet trailer only revealed a few new Pokemon, one of them has completely stolen the show for being absolutely adorable.

A screenshot from Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be the first open-world RPG of the main series of games.

Lechonk steals the show in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer

The new Normal-type Pokemon went viral instantly after making its first appearance in the trailer which dropped on June 1.

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Lechonk may get its name from “Lechón” which the Spanish call young pigs. Being that Generation 9 is reported to be set in the Iberian peninsula, home to Spain and Portugal, this makes it a fitting title.

Add the K at the end, and we’re looking at an instantly iconic Pokemon name and design.

Users across social media fell in love with the little pig over its incredible name and its perfectly round shape.

According to Lechonk’s bio, the Hog Pokemon stands at a whopping one foot eight inches. The description reads: “Lechonk uses its sense of smell to find and eat only the most fragrant wild grasses and the richest Berries.

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“As a result of its dining habits, it has come to radiate an aroma resembling herbs that bug Pokémon dislike.”

Lechonk’s evolution wasn’t revealed, leaving many trainers wondering about what the pig’s bigger version will look like and be named.

We’re only a few months away from Scarlet & Violet’s official release, meaning it won’t be long until we can catch our very own Lechonk.