Is Pokemon Legends Celebi real? Legends Arceus sequel rumors explained

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If you’ve seen any of the rumors about a game called Pokemon Legends Celebi, you’re probably wondering whether this Legends Arceus sequel is real. We’ve got all the answers you need.

Pokemon Legends Arceus was an instant hit with fans and critics, introducing the semi-open world region of Hisui, exciting new battle mechanics, and loads of regional variants and evolutions to catch.

So it’s not surprising that Pokemon fans have been hoping for a sequel. One of the biggest theories right now is that the next Legends game will focus on Celebi, the Mythical creature from the Johto region.

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But is there even a Legends sequel in the works? And what about that Pokemon Legends Celebi trailer that’s been doing the rounds? Here’s everything you need to know.


Pokemon Legends Arceus protagonist shocked screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
There are loads of rumors about another Legends game, but are any of them true?

Is Pokemon Legends Celebi real?

The short and simple answer is no, there’s nothing to suggest that Pokemon Legends Celebi is a real game. Every detail or rumor about the sequel so far is simply based on speculation or fan theories.

Of course, there’s every chance that a Pokemon Legends sequel is being worked on in secret, or that it could be announced in the future, but for now, it’s safe to assume the game doesn’t actually exist.

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If – and this is a big if – a Pokemon Legends Celebi game is in the works, it probably won’t be released until 2024 at the earliest. Most fans are expecting 2023 to be dedicated to Scarlet & Violet DLC.

But what about that Pokemon Legends Celebi trailer?

You might have seen an impressive trailer for Pokemon Legends Celebi shared on YouTube or social media, but as incredible as it looks, the bad news is that it’s simply not a real trailer.

It was created by talented animator YassiR as a concept for what a sequel to Pokemon Legends Arceus could look like, taking the spin-off’s art style and applying it to various locations from the Johto region.

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The trailer also features mock regional variants of fan-favorite Pokemon like Blaziken, Torterra, Greninja, Altaria, and several Eeveelutions that will leave you wishing they were real.

If you haven’t watched the fan-made trailer yet, you can give it a watch (and feel sad about what an amazing game it could be) below.

Why do fans think Celebi could be the next Legends star?

In the wake of Pokemon Legends Arceus, there are many reasons why fans think (or hope) that Celebi could be the star of the next game in the Legends series – assuming that a sequel is ever made.

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The main reason is that Johto is one of the most popular Pokemon regions, with Gold and Silver considered to be two of the best games in the franchise. A Legends game set there would allow fans to return to Johto with a whole new story.

It would certainly make a lot of sense to go for the nostalgia factor of Johto, too, as the Legends series is clearly targeted at an older audience than the traditional mainline games, with a higher difficulty level and an older protagonist.

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An image of Celebi, one of the best grass-type PokemonThe Pokemon Company / Bulbapedia
Celebi would be a brilliant mascot for a new Legends game.

Another reason is that Johto has some of the most interesting historical lore, such as the fire at Brass Tower, where three Pokemon perished and were later revived by Ho-Oh, emerging as the Legendary beasts Raikou, Entei, and Suicune.

Finally, with Arceus being the star of the first Legends game, it seems likely that another Mythical creature would be the focus of a sequel – and other than Mew, Celebi is arguably the most recognizable and beloved Mythical.

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There’s no denying that Pokemon Legends Celebi would be an incredible sequel, but for now, it remains nothing more than a theory. In the meantime, check out our Pokemon home page for the latest news and guides.