Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leaker claims DLC will introduce new Pokemon and mechanics

pokemon scarlet violet dlc

Pokemon riddle master and notable leaker Khu has shed some light on the potential DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Like many AAA franchises, Pokemon hopped on the DLC bandwagon during generation 8: Pokemon Sword & Shield. With many fans feeling the main game’s storyline was short and the post-game lacked content, two DLC drops expanded the game’s explorable regions quite a bit.

Now, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are on the horizon, and Riddler Khu claims that DLC is already in the works. And with the map of Paldea being revealed, players are starting to speculate where the expanded adventures will take them.

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That being said, Khu has once again begun teasing information about the DLC despite Pokemon Scarlet & Violet being a month away. This time, they claim to know a few of the features players can expect from the downloadable content.

Pokemon leaker shares info on Scarlet & Violet DLC

On October 8, Khu took to Twitter to share more cryptic tweets about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. In the first one, they stated, “Can’t wait for early game leakers to post the pic of 3 new pokemon that will not be in the base game of SV.”

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If these leaks are to be believed, this means that players can expect to see at least three new Pokemon in the upcoming DLC. Earlier, Khu claimed the third legendary Pokemon for Scarlet & Violet will be revealed in the DLC.

riddler khu dlc 1

In a second tweet posted minutes after the first, Khu wrote, “DLC has some new cool features. But you have no chance to know them in advance. 透露一点,类pkhex功能,不要错过哦”

This didn’t reveal too much, however, players began to speculate over the phrase “pkhex-like features”. PKHeX is a save editing software that allows players to create Pokemon with custom stats and Shininess and inject them into real games.

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riddler khu dlc 2

Reading Khu’s hint, a theory surfaced that players will be able to create their own Pokemon to customize their Pokemon’s stats in the DLC.

Of course, all of this is leaked information which means it could be false or is subject to change before any DLC is released.