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How to change Dynamax Pokemon to Gigantamax in Sword & Shield

Published: 3/Jun/2020 23:12 Updated: 4/Jun/2020 9:02

by Brittany Vincent


Pokemon Sword & Shield’s new DLC expansion The Isle of Armor is bringing plenty of changes with it, including a new way to transform Dynamax Pokemon into their Gigantamax forms.

Pokemon Sword & Shield’s first expansion, The Isle of Armor, is about to welcome a variety of new Pokemon forms. But there’s something even more intriguing that’s being introduced with this new content drop: Max Soup.

This delicious-sounding new item could change the way you approach Pokemon battles, as it will allow trainers to feed it to their Pokemon in a bid to unlock their Gigantamax potential. This means you can change your Dynamax Pokemon to Gigantamax in Sword & Shield. What’s going on with this sensational new soup? We’ve got all the details.


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What is Max Soup and how does it work?

Pokemon Sword & Shield Dynamax Soup can transform Pokemon into their Gigantamax forms.
The Pokemon Company
Gigantamax Drednaw is a fearsome sight.

Max Soup is a new item introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield’s first DLC expansion, The Isle of Armor. Announced in the DLC’s release date trailer in early June, the item was revealed as a meal that can be cooked and enjoyed by trainers sitting around a table. It looks like a hearty buffet that can unlock your Pokemon’s potential to go from Dynamax to Gigantamax.

The cooked meal can be fed to your Pokemon, though the specifics on how much each batch makes or what kind of stats it improves in addition to unlocking potential haven’t been released yet.


When the Max Soup is consumed, it will unlock new appearances and G-Max moves as they move to the Gigantamax stage. It looks like a boon for both trainers and monsters alike, though there are plenty of specifics we still don’t know about it at this time.

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How to change Dynamax Pokemon to Gigantamax

Pokemon Sword & Shield Dynamax Soup can wildly transform your monsters.
The Pokemon Company
Gigantamax Meowth is ready to slay your whole team.

You will need to feed your Pokemon a hearty meal of Max Soup to change a Dynamax Pokemon to Gigantamax when the Isle of Armor expansion drops.

That’s the current assumption, anyway. Since there was only a glimpse of the Max Soup in the most recent Isle of Armor trailer, it’s still unknown how we’ll get our hands on the item or the ingredients needed to create it.


With curry recipes – the closest thing to a potential Max Soup meal – you need to mix key ingredients with berries to make the best and most effective dish. It’s likely that putting the soup together will require the same type of process, though we don’t know just yet what ingredients will go into the pot. That’s something that should be revealed when the DLC debuts.

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What is the difference between Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon?

Dynamax Pikachu can eat Dynamax Soup to grow larger and more powerful.
The Pokemon Company
Dynamax Pikachu is still a challenging opponent even though it’s not a Gigantamax monster.

Both forms will net you key advantages in battles. Essentially, Dynamaxing is a great first step to eliminating your opponents, but Gigantamaxing gives you a massive overall boost.

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Now that the Isle of Armor DLC will be adding new Pokemon to the Gigantamax eligibility list, we can look forward to the game’s meta potentially changing drastically.


When it comes to Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing your Pokemon, there are key differences between both types.

  • All Pokemon can Dynamax, but only certain species may Gigantamax.
  • Dynamax Pokemon grow larger, but do not change appearance.
  • Gigantamax Pokemon grow larger and change appearance.
  • Dynamax Pokemon can use Max Moves, which are more powerful versions of moves already on their roster.
  • Gigantamax Mpokemon gain G-Max Moves, unique to their species. These replace moves with new, ultra-powerful techniques.
  • Pokemon do not need to hold items like Mega Stones to Dynamax or Gigantamax. Instead, you use Key Items for those transformations.
  • Dynamax and Gigantamax transformations are only permitted in designated areas in the Galar Region.

Both are excellent ways to get a leg up in battle as well as see new looks for familiar Pokemon. Hopefully, we’ll be learning more about the new Gigantamax forms ahead of The Isle of Armor DLC when it debuts on June 17.