Game-breaking Pokemon Go bug renders trainers defenseless when competing in GBL

Zackerie Fairfax

A bug has recently been discovered in Pokemon Go that prevents players from entering commands during a GBL battle, leaving their Pokemon vulnerable to incoming attacks.

The Go Battle League is Pokemon Go’s premier destination for PvP. While the skill and strategy of Pokemon’s traditional turn-based battle system are stripped down, trainers can satisfy their hunger for competitive battling in this screen-tapping simulator.

That is when it works properly. Like other facets of the mobile monster collector, Pokemon Go’s Battle League is subject to bugs or exploits that hinder its integrity.

The most recent of which are two glitches that render players’ Pokemon defenseless in battle. This frustrating bug stops players from being able to use moves, charge up their attacks, or even switch out to a more effective Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Battle League riddled with issues

The first issue was reported by marcostaz on the TheSilphRoad subreddit. “Two battles in a row now. The game completely stopped reading my inputs while still letting the opponent attack.” A video accompanied the caption showing marcostaz helplessly tapping the screen to no avail.

While the game looks frozen for both players, OP stated that Pokemon Go would eventually unfreeze, but their Pokemon would lose all of its health while his opponent was untouched.

Another player, corstian01, reported a glitch that occurs when their opponent switches Pokemon.

“Has anyone else experienced a lot of glitched where you or your opponent switches Pokemon, and one of the pokemon becomes invisible, and the charged moves become a different texture where you cant really see how much energy you have?” they stated. They also claimed the glitch stopped them from switching their own Pokemon resulting in a loss.

And according to the comments under each post, these issues are widespread with various theories for why they occur. That said, GBL fanatics are not happy with the current state of PvP and are calling on Niantic to fix the issues robbing them on wins.