Did Pokemon Day 2024 accidentally leak a Gold and Silver announcement?

Noelle Corbett
The Pokemon Ho-Oh in the anime

The YouTube announcement of a Pokemon Presents for Pokemon Day 2024 has fans expecting Gold and Silver news – but is it just a misunderstanding?

Pokemon Day is on February 27, and like in recent years, the celebration will include a Pokemon Presents.

This presentation is particularly exciting for fans, as we don’t know what’s coming for the Pokemon franchise following the release of Scarlet and Violet‘s expansion in late 2023.

Now, fans have noticed that, underneath the short YouTube video announcing the Pokemon Presents, Pokemon Gold and Silver are listed under “Games.” This has fueled speculation that something Johto-related is coming – but should you temper your expectations?

Is Pokemon Presents’ Gold & Silver nod a leak or a misunderstanding?

While Pokemon Gold and Silver are included on the YouTube page, there is nothing that indicates they will be included in any announcement during the Pokemon Presents.

Previous Pokemon Presents have also featured Gold and Silver under “Games” ahead of the actual showcase, as this tweet from last year shows.

Note that this was posted just before the August 2023 Pokemon Presents, which revealed The Teal Mask’s release date, the Paldea starters coming to Pokemon Go, the Paldean Winds mini-series and more – but nothing on Gold and Silver.

This isn’t to say there won’t be anything Johto-related revealed on Pokemon Day. Fans have long speculated that a Let’s Go! or Legends Arceus-style game could be in the works.

Plus, Pokemon fans have been hoping the classic games will come to Nintendo Switch Online since the service started adding Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles.

If any of these are coming, a Pokemon Presents would certainly be the right venue for the reveal.

However, the fact that Gold and Silver are mentioned on the YouTube page should not be taken as confirmation that a Johto remake, reimagination, or port is coming – so temper your expectations ahead of Pokemon Day 2024.