Cat goes viral for playing Pokemon Go and catching a Weedle

Pokemon Go catNiantic / TikTok

A Cat goes viral on TikTok after it was made to play Pokemon Go where it managed to catch a Weedle.

Pokemon Go surged in popularity when it dropped in 2016, and Pokemon’s mobile game has continued to be a hit with its dedicated fanbase.

One of the keys to its success has been its accessibility, where it has been made easily accessible to everyone on their mobile devices and the game itself is fairly easy to play.

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However, even though the game features various cat-based Pokemon, the developers Niantic perhaps didn’t expect IRL cats to be able to become the next best Pokemon trainers, as one new player in the form of an adorable kitten has since gone viral.

Cat that plays Pokemon Go looks set to catch em all

A TikTok user shared a video, which has quickly gained over a million views and 100 thousand likes on the platform.

It shows a cat lying on a bed as it uses it cutely uses its paws to navigate through the mobile Pokemon game.

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It is able to throw multiple Poke balls as a means to catch the pocket monsters on screen, where eventually it was able to successfully catch the Weedle.

The comments section soon lit up with some hilarious reactions.

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“He’s better than me,” a user said.

“Literally an auto-cat-cher,” another said.

“All fun until they accidentally use the master ball,” a commenter said.

With many Pokemon trainers being experts in the game at this point, it looks like the new cat on the block has a lot to improve on before it can be one of the best.

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It will certainly be interesting to see if the cat can continue to get better or if there are in fact any other interesting pets across the internet that love to catch Pokemon.

Aside from cats, a Bonobo ape also went viral after it had been taught how to play Minecraft.

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