Pokemon Go Weedle has been valiantly defending a Gym for six years

Cassidy Stephenson
A Weedle in Pokemon anime

A Pokemon Go player has reached a huge in-game milestone, with their Weedle defending a Gym for six consecutive years.

In the mobile application, trainers can place Pokemon in Gyms to take control of the location. However, users from opposing teams can challenge the defenders to claim the Gym for themselves.

The Gym system in Pokemon Go has come under fire for being uninteresting. Therefore, players have suggested the game offer new rewards like awarding Pokecoins for fighting and the ability to call back Pokemon.

Despite the complaints, Pokemon Go trainers are still impressed with a Weedle controlling a Gym for six years.

Pokemon Go player’s Weedle has been holding strong

Pokemon Go gym

A Reddit user announced their Weedle’s colossal achievement on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The Generation 1 Bug Pokemon had been defending a Gym for the past six years – an unthinkable record.

The OP revealed that the Weedle could defend the Valor Gym for so long based on its remote location with no cell coverage. However, the trainer will not reveal the Pokemon’s whereabouts for fear of someone defeating it.

“We love you Weedle. Keep up the good work buddy. You will get food… someday,” one player wrote. The Weedle’s owner then fed the Pokemon a Berry after this comment. In total, the creature had been fed 1200 Berries since its six-year job began.

“I’m guessing this Weedle has squatters rights to that gym now. Probably changed the locks and everything,” another trainer remarked.

Other comments suggested Niantic give the Weedle an award for its dedication to this “world record” tenure.

While Weedle’s owner placed the creature in there by choice, some Pokemon have been stuck with the job. For example, one Pawniard can’t escape a Gym until 53 years in the future. Check out our article to learn how this situation happened.

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