Bizzare Pokemon Legends Arceus bug turns normal ‘mons into Nobles

Pokemon Legends Arceus Frenzied Noble Lilligant screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

While Noble Pokemon aren’t normally obtainable in Legends Arceus, one player has discovered a bug that turned their Lilligant into the Lady of the Ridge.

Pokemon Legends Arceus was a welcome change to the traditional Pokemon format. Instead of eight gyms and an Elite Four, players were tasked with quelling the rage inside five Noble Pokemon.

Each Noble was sent into a frenzied state causing their bodies to glow yellow and produce a yellow aura no other Pokemon could obtain. It would be the player’s job to calm the Nobles using specially made balms in boss battles the likes of which Pokemon had never seen.

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Sadly, while players can capture each of the Nobles’ species, they can’t actually acquire Noble Pokemon. That was until a player discovered a bug that gave them a Noble Lilligant.

noble lilligant pokemon legendsStarLucario (Reddit)
StarLucario’s Noble Lilligant in Jubilife Village

Pokemon Legends Arceus player gets Noble Lilligant

Reddit user StarLucario posted a bug they discovered to the PokemonLegendsArceus subreddit. With the caption “My Lilligant thinks she’s a noble pokemon”, the post was accompanied by a photo of a normal-sized Lilligant with the yellow aura normally seen around Nobles.

“I have no idea how this happened, she just randomly got the noble Pokemon glow,” StarLucario captioned one of the photos. They later posted an update stating, “I turned the game off and on again to see if it would fix it and she straight up turned into a noble. I honestly don’t know what to say.”

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They claimed their Lilligant gained the Noble aura after a rematch of the boss fight, and the Pokemon’s summary even changed to say it was caught at Brava Arena. StarLucario theorized that the game could have mixed the Noble’s data with their own Lilligant’s.

Star also stated that they weren’t able to recreate the bug with any other Noble Pokemon (Kleavor, Arcanine, Avalug, etc.).

Regardless, users commenting on the post seemed fascinated with the discovery. Some came up with their own theories as to why this glitch might occur, while others claimed they were going to try to recreate it themselves.

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