Bizarre Legends Arceus glitch gives Pokemon buff while sleeping

Marc Griffin
Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

A strange glitch in Pokemon Legends Arceus almost caused one player to miss out on a wild sleeping ‘mon, regardless of the supposed high catch rate. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus has been a hit amongst the Pokemon community as it has worked on breathing new life into the mainline series. 

With new mechanics and a new gameplay direction, Arceus has shown players what is possible with next-gen technology.

Along with these ambitious changes, the game has also had many bugs. While some bugs have been rather annoying to some trainers, there has been a share of unintentionally funny bugs as well. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha Snorlax
Giant enraged Pokemon are a real threat in Legends Arceus – but it’s a different story when Pokemon sleep.

Pokemon Legends Arceus player stunned by Snorlax

Redditor KingAster35 shared a hilariously strange video to the Pokemon Legends Arceus Reddit boards on April 7, 2022.

In the video, the trainer can be seen approaching a sleeping Snorlax to capture the drowsed behemoth and bring it along on their journey. 

Readying their position to ensure they take advantage of the higher catch rate from the Pokemon being unaware and asleep, KingAster35 selects a Gigaton Ball and throws the spherical cage at the Snorlax. 

To their surprise, the creature immediately frees itself and stands in the water, almost just as confused as everyone else watching the video.

The user assumes it was triggered by the slight wind blowing in the snowy area, as sleeping Pokemon are usually among the easiest encounters to turn into successful catches. Though, it’s possibly due to a bug. 

The ‘mon seemed to defy the game’s capture mechanics and freed itself – something that should be seemingly impossible with a near guaranteed catch rate. 

Other community members were in utter disbelief as one person said: “I’ve never seen a ball fail on a sleeping Pokemon, alone a Gigaton Ball.”

Another saw the funny side: “This makes me laugh so much!” 

During the time this bug was captured by the Redditor, it appears that this was just a one-time issue. Fans will be hoping so, anyway. 

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