Pokemon Go Daily Box trick gives players better rewards

The Daily Free Box in Pokemon Go is often overlooked by higher-level players because of its lackluster rewards, but players have discovered a trick to getting rare loot from their boxes.

Pokemon Go has a multitude of items players can scavenge or purchase using the game’s premium currency. These items range from being necessary to play the game to being useful in specific scenarios.

Despite there being a number of ways to gain the necessary items, players have often referred to Pokemon Go’s microtransactions as “predatory” or “greedy”. And the changes Niantic makes/reverts are often disappointing to the community.

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However, a new Daily Free Box trick has players divided. Some are glad that there is a chance to get a free box full of rare items while others feel it’s unfair or frustrating when they continue to get the bare minimum from their boxes.

How the Pokemon Go Daily Box trick works

Daily Free Boxes are oftentimes pretty lame containing only a few berries and Pokeballs. But there is a simple trick – that requires some patience – that allows players to change the items in said box.

The trick doesn’t always work, and some Reddit users have theorized that the trick is based on the player’s account. They have mentioned it is “similar to the old scanning task reward tiers.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to performing the trick:

  1. Open Pokemon Go
  2. Check the contents of the Daily Free Box (DO NOT CLAIM)
  3. Close out of the app
  4. Wait for an hour+
  5. Open Pokemon Go
  6. Check Daily Free Box again

If your box’s contents haven’t changed, you aren’t alone. Some players have stated that their boxes have never changed using this method. Others have stated that it’ll work for them one day and then won’t work the next.

We at Dexerto have done our own testing and can confirm this trick works. Below is the result of waiting one hour after checking the Daily Free Box’s original content.

pokemon go daily free box trickPokemon Go
The left image is the first Daily Free Box in Pokemon Go, and the second is the result of waiting an hour.

The image above doesn’t even show the best items you can get. Players have claimed their box included multiple Incense, a Super Incubator, and Remote Raid Passes.

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