4 trade evolution Pokemon you can catch in Isle of Armor

Brent Koepp
pokemon isle of armor machamp

[jwplayer dWIP3S6z]Pokemon Sword & Shield got its first DLC, The Isle of Armor, in June. The update brought new monsters and items for players to obtain. The addon also has finally given a workaround to trade evolutions. Here are four ‘mon you can now catch in Gen VIII.

Since its creation in 1996, Pokemon has included “trade evolutions” which require Trainers to connect with others to evolve certain monsters. The feature was, in theory, meant to bring players together.

However, the pesky design has left some out in the cold for years, as their favorite characters have been out of their reach. Sword & Shield’s latest DLC has finally made that easier by allowing you to catch some of them.

pokemon trading
Pokemon like Machamp and Gengar needed to be traded to reach their final evolution.

4 Pokemon evolutions you can catch in Isle of Armor

Trade evolutions can be problematic because if you don’t have a friend or family member willing to help out, you have to trust a complete stranger to send the monster back. However, Sword & Shield’s latest DLC Isle of Armor finally lets you capture some of them in the wild. Here is where you can find them.


pokemon alakazam
The popular Psychic character can finally be caught in the wild!

The spoon-bending Psychic-type Alakazam was introduced in Gen I. For decades, players had to evolve their Abra into Kadabra, and then trade it with someone else to get the monster. Now you can catch the third evolution in Isle of Armor.

The character can be found in the Loop Lagoon, and is specifically located on the middle island surrounded by water. Make sure you have normal weather, which can be forced by setting your Nintendo Switch system clock to March 15th.

Alakazam can be found in Loop Lagoon.


pokemon politoed
Politoed can be found in the rain.

Politoed made its debut in the Gen II title Gold & Silver, and became a sub-evolution for the Poliwhirl line. Instead of turning into Poliwrath, players could obtain this adorable green version by trading the monster holding a King’s Rock to another player.

The beloved frog can now be found taking a stroll in Isle of Armor’s Soothing Wetlands during rainy weather. If you need it to rain, change your Switch clock to April 15th and you will see the character frolicking in the marsh.

If you can’t find him right away, hop on your bike and cruise around the area. He should be standing in a pool of water next to a circle of grass and a tree. These trade evolution Pokemon always spawn in the same area, so as long as you have the weather, you should be good to go.


pokemon scizor
The popular Bug-type can be found in the wild on the Isle of Armor.

In Gen I, the Bug/ Flying-type Scyther was one of the most popular Pokemon from the original games. In Gen II, Game Freak introduced a new evolution for the monster called Scizor.

The red version of the character becomes a Steel-type, and can be obtained by trading Scyther to another player while holding the Metal Coat item. In the DLC, it can be spotted flying in the Training Lowlands during a sandstorm.

If you need to change the weather, set your Switch’s clock to June 18th and it should get dusty quick. The bug will be found hovering against a mountain wall near a tree.


pokemon kingdra
The Water monster can be found during a thunderstorm.

Those that have played Red & Blue on the Game Boy are familiar with the adorable blue Horsea and Seadra. In Gen II, a third evolution – Kingdra – was introduced.

To obtain the Water/Dragon-type, you had to trade the character while it held the rare Dragon Scale item. The beloved creature can now be found swimming in the Honeycalm Sea during a thunderstorm.

Change the setting of your system clock to August 15th and then fast travel to Challenge Beach. Now take your bike onto the ocean and ride past Honeycalm Island. Kingdra will be in the water between four massive rocks that are in the middle of the sea.

Kingdra can be caught while swimming in the ocean.

It should be stated that it is possible to spot some of these Pokemon in different locations on the Isle of Armor, however these are the guaranteed static spawn points. As long as you are in the right weather, they will show up.

Sword & Shield’s June DLC not only added new monsters and items to obtain, but it also gave players a workaround of how to obtain their favorite monsters that were always locked behind the pesky trade evolutions requirement.