Where to find and catch Flambelle in Palworld

Eliana Bollati
Palworld Flambelle Pal

While Flambelle is only a C-tier Pal, their Passive Skill and Work Suitability make them a good addition to the Base and Ranch in Palworld. Here’s what to know to find and catch Flambelle.

Palworld has continued to dominate the steam charts since its release on January 19. While the playful survival game has had its share of detractors, most feedback from players has been overwhelmingly positive.

Flambelle is a C-tier Pal who doesn’t pack much of a punch in fights, but despite that, it makes a great addition to Pals working at the base during early leveling, and to get necessary mats like fire organs and High-Quality Pal Oil.

Flambelle has several different Work Suitability skills, including Kindling, Farming Transporting and Handiwork. Making it a good all-rounder for work on the base.  

On top of that, its Partner Skill, Magma Tears, will produce Flame Organs when Flambelle is assigned to a Ranch, giving players easy access to this mat for early technology items like the Flame Bow or

The Palworld Map with Mount Obsidian and other Flambelle locations marked
Players can find the largest concentration of Flambelle on Mount Obsidian.

How to find Flambelle

Flambelle’s location can be found over large swathes of Mount Obsidian, usually congregating between the Mount Obsidian Midpoint and Eternal Pyre Entrance Fast Travel points. Newer players can also travel to the Sealed Realm of the Swift Fast Travel Point on the starting island to find Flambelle.

If this point isn’t discovered on the map yet, simply head North toward the Frostbound Mountains and then trek East until you see the volcanic gorge. There should be a few Flambelle’s lurking about here to catch.

Flambelle can also be hatched from a Scorching Egg using the Egg Incubator.  

How to catch Flambelle

As a Fire Type Pal, Flambelle is weak to Water Type, so taking a Pal like Fuack or Pengullet is a safe bet. Being only C-tier, Flambelle should be fairly easy to catch, even with a normal Pal Sphere. Just remember to get its health low enough without killing it.

While Flambelle isn’t a hard-hitter, their cute candle-like appearance and versatile Work Suitability still make them worth adding to a player’s collection.

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