Palworld players wowed by Blazehowl Noct going “atomic”

Shane Black
Palworld Blazehowl Noct in front of firePocketpair

Palworld fans are amazed by what appears to be a bug allowing Blazehowl to unleash an “atomic” attack to wipe out enemies.

With the game being in Early Access, Palworld and its community has seen a fair share of bugs pop up since its launch last month.

From Pals that keep growing to powerful backflips sending enemies flying, fans have enjoyed the absurdity of the ones that don’t break the game.

Now, they are wowed again by a new bug that has one of Blazehowl Noct’s attack unleashing a nuclear strike on their enemies.

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Palworld players love Blazehowl’s “atomic” attack bug

A video was recently posted to the Palworld subreddit, where the poster explains: “So there’s a bug where my Blazehowl Noct just nukes everything I guess..”

The post came with a video showing the player fighting a Wumpo Botan boss with their Blazehowl Noct, who suddenly unleashes some kind of attack that encompasses the entire battlefield, not only wiping out the boss’ health but also hoisting them up into the air.

The community has responded with amazement to the video, with many fans wondering how you can replicate the bug:

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“I need to get me one of those before they patch it.. That looks fun. I don’t suppose you know what skill hes using?”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s something that can be controlled and easily replicated, as other Palworld fans have tried and failed to do so.

The fans seem to have at least narrowed down to the move being used as Ignis Rage, which is a powerful attack in its own right. It’s just that no one knows how it happens in the first place.

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Of course, there has been plenty of memes and jokes about the clip, with many people quoting one of last year’s top movies: “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Sadly, it is almost certainly something that will be patched out in the future, but for now, the Palworld playerbase is going to enjoy it as much as they can.

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