Palworld players beg devs to add game-changing building features

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring a raided base in Palworld.

Regardless of how fun Palworld is, players are begging devs to add several building features they deem necessary for a better experience.

One of the things that arguably make playing Palworld an exciting experience is the building aspect. The game offers the challenge for players to build their base, and many have taken this opportunity to create their perfect home.

One player even went out their way to build a stunning “unraidable” base tucked away at a waterfall. However, it goes without saying that building can often feel a bit clunky and limited. 

Even that stunning base at the waterfall itself had its issues of having Pals getting stuck in the terrains. Hence why, players are begging for devs to add more building features to enhance their gameplay.

A player on Reddit has shared a few features that they deem necessary in the game. The first feature is the ability to move furniture, since destroying it is the only way to move them right now.

As for the second feature, the player wanted to be able to use a hammer to upgrade the foundation without having to destroy or rebuild it.

“You unlock this at the same level that you’ll unlock the stone foundations. The upgrade cost is the same as upgrading the wall. Alternatively, after upgrading, you will gain the resources of the original wall (e.g., 3 wood after upgrading to a stone wall),” they explained.

Their reasoning for this feature is to avoid rebuilding an entire base from scratch, as “you’re not smart enough to wait for a better foundation” can be an inevitable scenario for some players.

Following this take, some players have expressed their opinions, and many have even shared their own ideas. “I agree since building your base and arranging it accordingly is such a large part of the game,” one user replied.

Palworld creatures huddled up around the campfire.

Meanwhile, another one suggested, “Yeah. Another one I’d like is a real easy fix. Just a check mark notification on the Pal Equipment bench that lets you know if you’ve already made that equipment.”

“A base building creative mode would be nice. I love placing my Palbox wrong,” another chimed in.

Given that Palworld has been receiving multiple updates as of late, it’s safe to say that devs are putting their effort into improving the game. Hopefully, these requested features will make it to the game in future QoL fixes.

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