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The grand finals of the 2019 Paladins World Championship are now set

Published: 17/Nov/2018 19:17 Updated: 17/Nov/2018 21:44

by Wyatt Donigan


After a pair of exciting sets, just two teams remain to battle it out for the Paladins World Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The second day of the Paladins World Championship broke the trend set on Day 1 of the competition, as fans finally got the taste of a lengthy series before the day was over. 

While the defending World Champion, Natus Vincere, made quick work of their fellow European squad in Fnatic, Team Envy had to deal with a scrappy Spacestation Gaming in a close seven-game series to close out the day.

Na’Vi advanced to the grand finals with a 4-1 win over Fnatic.

While Fnatic managed to win one game during the first semifinals series of the day, it was clear that Na’Vi were on fire and ready to move into the grand finals for the second straight World Championship. 

Na’Vi came out the gate with two quick wins on Splitstone Quarry and Frog Isle, only giving up one point between the two maps. Fnatic did salvage some of its pride with a 4-1 win on Ascension Peak, but from then on it was all Na’Vi. 

The defending champions bounced back immediately with two straight wins on Brightmarsh and Jaguar Falls to wrap up the 4-1 series victory to lock in their spot in the grand finals on Sunday, November 18. 

Team Envy has advanced to the Paladins World Championship after a close 4-3 win over Spacestation Gaming.

On the other side of the bracket, things were a lot closer as Team Envy and Spacestation Gaming went head-to-head in by far the longest series of the World Championship. 

Team Envy, North America’s No. 1 seed, opened with a convincing win on Splitstone Quarry, but the Brazilians of Spacestation hunkered down with a pair of solid wins of their own on Ascension Peak and Frog Isle to take a 2-1 series lead. 

The team’s then traded games back and forth during the next three games, with Team Envy refusing to let this series slip away from them. Even after falling into a 3-2 hole, they went on the offensive in a big way to force a decisive Map 7 on Brightmarsh. 

Try as Spacestation Gaming did, though, they were simply unable to shut down Team Envy after the North American squad built up so much momentum towards the end of the series to punch their ticket to the grand finals.   

The grand finals between Na’Vi and Team Envy will kick off at 1pm PST / 4pm EST on Sunday, November 18. 

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NiP Paladins champion isbittenner on emotional grand finals win

Published: 18/Nov/2019 1:36 Updated: 22/Nov/2019 21:53

by Scott Robertson


Ninjas in Pyjamas claimed the Paladins World Championship over the Pittsburgh Knights in a near reverse sweep. After the finals, NiP player and Paladins champion Leander ‘isbittenner’ Aspestrand spoke to Melissa ‘TheBestTaco’ Posada and Dexerto on the Ninjas’ emotional win, and how they bounced back from a mid-season slump and two-game deficit in the finals.

Before the SMITE finals, the two best teams in Paladins squared off on Championship Sunday at Hi-Rez Expo. A dominant contender in Ninjas in Pyjamas met an underdog Pittsburgh Knights squad that had taken the long road through the lower bracket of the PWC qualifier.

But despite grabbing a 2-0 lead, the Knights couldn’t hold on as their adversaries borrowed some NiP magic from their CSGO division to win fourth straight games to raise the championship trophy.

Following the raising of the trophy, the young NiP damage star from Norway, isbittenner, could barely keep his emotions in check, telling TheBestTaco and Dexerto that he “would just go up in tears” when he’d try and think back on the hard-fought series.

NiP were forced to climb out of a 2-0 hole in the grand finals, but isbittener said that the roster was no stranger to having to reverse their fortunes themselves. They had a very strong Phase 1 of Paladins Premier League, but started off slow in Phase 2 with a collection of tough losses.

Isbittenner said he was really happy that the team was able to pull themselves out of that slump, and make their way to the championship finals. One of those tough losses during the PPL season was to Pittsburgh Knights, who they would meet in the grand finals.

When asked if they expected to meet the Knights again in the championship series, he responded,

“If you asked me two months ago? Never. But now? For sure, they’ve become a lot better.” He also said later in the interview that he expects the Knights roster to improve even more.

The NiP star praised the Knights’ ability to outdraft them, but credited the words of his coach and the energy of the crowd as being instrumental to gaining back momentum.

As the secondary drafter, isbittener said his leadership strength emerges pre-game, but his ability to be a playmaker during matches was instrumental to the Ninjas’ success as well.

As for the champion, he says that the immediate plan is for the team to go get “a nice dinner” and then go out and have fun to celebrate the title. As for next season, he says that NiP will take their time to “relax and re-group” after the long campaign, and come back strong for next season.