xQc’s microphone almost explodes during incredibly loud Overwatch rage

Matt Porter

Félix ‘Overwatch, but it appears his equipment may have finally had enough during his first stream from his new home in Texas.

The Canadian is one of the most recognizable streamers on Twitch, with thousands regularly tuning in to watch his incredible gameplay alongside some hilarious reactions and antics.

After taking a break from Overwatch in late 2018 due to major frustrations with the Blizzard title, xQc has returned to the game, but his time off clearly didn’t simmer him down, as he continues to rage when things don’t go his way.

Blizzard EntertainmentxQc’s Twitch streams are infamous for their hilarious moments and epic rages.

xQc’s microphone gives up during epic rage

Now living in Texas, xQc booted up his first stream from his new place on Thursday, May 16, after setting up all of his new equipment and rebuilding his PC following the move down from Canada.

While almost everything seemed to be working fine from a technical standpoint, xQc’s microphone quality was the one issue viewers were having, constantly complaining in his chat that it was difficult to hear what he was saying.

A hilarious donation stated that xQc’s microphone sounded like he was going to record a “Minecraft parody,” famed for their low quality production.This became even more apparent when xQc finally lost his cool during an Overwatch match, moments after asking his audience: “Is the [microphone] really that bad?”

When xQc finally exploded in frustration, it seems like his microphone may have blown up to, as a horrible static noise blasted through the speakers and headphones of viewers, while an incensed xQc roared into the mic with an expression of pure rage.

The streamer later went back and listened to the hilarious moment himself, bursting into laughter as he listened to the horrible noise that he forced his viewers to suffer through.

Lengyel is now in Texas, at least for a few months, after moving down from Canada, citing less power and internet issues and being closer to other creators as the reason for his move.

With xQc still settling into his new place, viewers will be hopeful that the audio problems are just teething issues after putting together his new streaming setup, and that they won’t have to live in fear of horrible noises and burst eardrums for too much longer.

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