xQc shows off impressive Winston technique during Overwatch match

Alan Bernal

Former Overwatch pro Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has recently started broadcasting Overwatch once again after being banned for “toxic behavior,” and it looks like the Canadian-born streamer hasn’t lost a bit of his technique one bit.

xQc was has always been a controversial figure in Overwatch, but his insane outplays and unique approach to tanks never put his legitimacy as a top player in question.

The streamer was playing as the game’s most intelligent ape, Winston, while his team was on the defense to stop the payload on King’s Row, when xQc saw a great opportunity to cause some mayhem in the backline.

BlizzardxQc gave a perfect demonstration of the wild plays Winston can make.

xQc stopped briefly to silently pump himself up knowing his ult was almost up, when he broke behind the enemy’s frontline for a better engage.

In the mess, the former Dallas Fuel star singled out the enemy’s Reinhardt. With the power of Winston’s enrages melee attacks, xQc managed to push the German tank to his demise.

But with a depleting ult, less than half health, and still being behind enemy lines, the streamer needed to get back to safety.

After Winston’s ult expires, the player gets a Jump Pack reset. Knowing this, the streamer followed Reinhardt to the depths of the map’s pit just to get his jump reset in time to hop over to his team’s side of the battle and into safety.

The streamer expertly played off the moment as his Chat went mental at the risky maneuver paying off.

Even though he may not be so great with geography, xQc is still one of the best tanks on Twitch. 

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