xQc returns to Overwatch and gets destroyed by Adept in Twitch one-on-one

xQc and Adept play OverwatchTwith/xQc/Instagram/Adept/Blizzard Entertainment

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel returned to streaming Overwatch and took quite some time to readjust to the game while queuing with his girlfriend, Adept, who actually dominated him.

Before he was the biggest streamer on Twitch, xQc was an Overwatch pro. While his career in the Overwatch League was short-lived, he did lead Canada to second and third-place finishes at the World Cup at BlizzCon.

While returning to stream Overwatch on September 8, the entertainer found himself queuing as DPS and playing alongside his partner and fellow steamer Adept.

Despite the two once seemingly breaking up, Adept has appeared in a few of xQc’s streams and he even posted a photo of the two cuddling on Twitter, suggesting they’re back together.

In any case, during xQc’s long DPS queues, he and Adept would play some on-on-one death match games and let’s just say Lengyel’s rust definitely held the French Canadian back.

For one thing, xQc seemed to have no idea how the game’s newest hero Echo functioned and was surprised when Adept was able to burn him down so quickly with Focusing Beam.

“Dude, what even is that?!” he groaned as his casual partner took a 27-21 lead.

“It’s uh, Echo,” Adept joked before activating Duplicate, transforming into the cowboy and killing him with ease.

“How is that even a thing?! I don’t even know what it does?” he barked upon suffering yet another death.

While there’s no shame at all in losing to a girl in video games, the fact that he’s a former pro had to sting. Luckily, for him, the two found a game before Adept could get 50 kills, but the fact she was ahead was enough for her to proclaim victory.

xQc beats Adept in OverwatchTwitch/xQc
xQc was able to finally best his better half.

“Thank God, woo, I won!” she gleefully cried having rolled and smoked Felix.

While the first head-to-head went her way, xQc would be back with a vengeance, winning the next game they played 51-42. Still, not a bad showing by Adept who held her own and even secured a Hanzo POTG.

Hopefully, xQc can play Overwatch a bit more in the months to come and finds himself getting even more into it once Overwatch 2 finally releases.