xQc Hits a Perfect Reinhardt Charge in Ranked Overwatch

Joe O'Brien. Last updated: Sep 06, 2018

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel showed off his incredible game sense with a perfect Reinhardt charge in ranked Overwatch.

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While a lot of people associate xQc with controversy or his often dramatic persona as a streamer, his fame (or infamy) was built on his talent as one of the best Overwatch main tank players in the world.

xQc will be showcasing that talent on the competitive stage once again in the Overwatch World Cup, competing for the Canada national team, but in the meantime his stream is an exhibit of what a world-class player is capable of against even the highest-ranked online opponents.

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Overwatch relies heavily on game sense and decision-making, and that’s especially true for heroes with less mechanical complexity. What separates the great from the good is often a player’s judgement for what to do and when, and during a recent stream xQc showed off just how accurate his intuition can be.

After wiping out the defenders in a successful assault on the second point on Hanamura, xQc pushed through to defend against the respawns. Lining up on the back wall, he briefly waited before timing a perfect charge, intersecting with the exit from spawn at the exact moment that the enemy Reinhardt attempted to charge back to the point.

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The two collided, preventing the enemy from reaching the point and securing the round.