Wild Overwatch glitch sends Roadhog’s Hooked victims sky-high

Bill Cooney
Roadhog Overwatch hook glitch

A crazy Overwatch interaction is sending heroes who get hooked by Roadhog flying up into the sky, but it only happens in certain situations.

Roadhog’s Hook is one of the most annoying abilities to deal with, and a skilled Hog can pick apart an enemy team’s backline with no problem at all.

However, the ability hasn’t always worked as intended over the years, and now a very unique interaction is popping up that boosts heroes who get hooked high into the air, as shown in the clip down below.

Hog’s Hook has had plenty of issues over the years.

In the shot, Brig masterfully flails the tank off of the edge on Eichenwalde, but not before he throws out his hook to take her down with him.

Instead of falling to her doom though, Brigitte pops right up and is able to safely land on solid ground while Hog is definitely eliminated.

Despite how it looks, this episode doesn’t seem like it caused by the hero’s shield deploying, instead, it has to do with Roadhog being eliminated before the hook is released, along with a few other factors.

If a hero is still being reeled in when the beefy Tank is knocked out, and he’s not on solid ground, then the hooked hero will sometimes get propelled straight up, just like Brigitte was.

Obviously, this is a very specific set of requirements in order for this glitch to happen, but if you want to increase the chances of it firing off, just play the Overwatch custom game mode called “12 Hooks 1 Hole” (Code: DK0DP).

As the name suggests you can only play Hog and there’s no cooldown on the Hook, which is your only weapon to try and get every other hero into the Ilios Well.

Since you’ll most likey be grabbing and getting grabbed as you go down into the dark, there are plenty of opportunities for it to happen. Roadhog’s signature ability has also historically been one of the most bugged in the game, so how long it takes Blizzard to fix this one remains to be seen.

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