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Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 2 skins and dates revealed in new leak

Published: 8/May/2022 19:54

by Bill Cooney


The skins for Volume 2 of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix event have leaked, along with when the event will begin, and returning Summer Games content as well.

In 2022 Blizzard replaced the traditional Anniversary and Summer Games events with “Anniversary Remix” that brings back exclusive skins from Overwatch’s past, and recolors of other classic ones as well.

On March 8, details for Volume 2 were briefly posted to the event’s official Blizzard site. Not only do we now know the start and end dates, but also what skins will be coming back, and which ones will be getting recolored.

Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 2 skins leaked

Anniversary Remix Volume 2 Release Date and Skins Leaked from Overwatch

Screenshots of the May 8 leak were posted to the Overwatch subreddit before being deleted, and based on them we have an official start date for the event: May 17. This is also the day the Overwatch 2 beta ends.


The three weekly challenges will once again bring back exclusive skins from Overwatch’s past as well. Dr. Ziegler Mercy, Mardi Gras Ashe, and Maestro Sigma will all be returning. What we don’t know is exactly which order they’ll be available.

As for skin remixes, we know that Okami Hanzo, Dragon Symmetra, and Ribbit Lucio will all be getting recolors. What we don’t know is what color they’ll be getting. Black could be a good guess though since the Volume 1 skins were all recolored mainly white.

Overwatch reveals 2022 Anniversary skins featuring D.Va, Mercy, more
We still don’t know exactly what the remix skins will look like for Volume 2.

In addition, the leak also revealed that Summer Games Arcade modes will be coming back on May 21, May 28, and June 4.


Volume 2 is happening right around the same time the regular Anniversary event going on, so we could see one or two more before whatever Blizzard has planned next event-wise takes place.