Toronto Overwatch League team reveals team name and branding

Overwatch League

The new Toronto Overwatch League team held their team branding and nickname reveal event on Wednesday and announced they would be known as the Toronto Defiant.

The revealed logo includes a stylized T and D, standing for Toronto Defiant and actually isn’t too far off from the fake logo “leaked” by 4chan earlier in the week.

The team also revealed team colors, red, black and white, and showed off what Sombra and Zenyatta will look like in the team’s in-game skins.

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There was no roster announcement at Wednesday’s event, but the team reassured fans that player signing news would be coming soon.

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Fans might be a little disappointed by the lack of roster news, but the hype from the new logo and team colors should make up for that a little bit.

The Overwatch LeagueThe logo for the new Toronto Overwatch League team.
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The Overwatch LeagueSome of the Defiant’s new in-game skins.

So far, Toronto is the second new Overwatch League team to unveil their branding after Atlanta revealed their team’s logo earlier in the week.

The Toronto colors are also somewhat similar to Atlanta’s, which gives fans a nice little competition during the season to see whose team is really worthy of the red and black.

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