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Top secrets to help you win every Overwatch team fight

Published: 4/Sep/2020 0:07

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch guide has revealed the best tips for winning team fights and making sure you rank up fast – just in time for the 24th season of Competitive.

Team fights in Overwatch are critical moments in the game where both sides engage in combat with one another in order to gain control of an objective. Winning these fights are a must, as they are key junctures in the game that will ultimately determine victory or defeat.

The first tip to understand is when to engage. This is normally right after the “poke phase” begins, when teams are standing in a choke behind a barrier waiting for an advantage.


Getting a pick (eliminating an enemy) or finding an opening, such as an enemy cooldown being wasted, should always be go-time, Blizzard Guides explains.

Soldier 76 attacking an enemy barrier
Blizzard Entertainment
The poke phase leads to the engagement phase.

This then leads into the engagement phase, where you take advantage of said opening during the poke portion. This is right before fights get their most chaotic, but also when you should be activating Ultimates.

The best option here is to engage onto easy targets and focus fire. The more people shooting at an enemy increases their likelihood of dying.

Next up is the mid-fight, where Ultimates are getting value, confirming frags or reinforcing the team either through healing or support.


Finally comes the clean-up phase, where the team who did the most work and scored the most kills takes down remaining members of the enemy and focuses on Ultimate tracking.

It’s also important to note that staggering the enemy is big here, as killing the remaining foes, such as a baby as late as possible, will keep the enemy from regrouping right away and let your squad get a positional advantage.

The guide goes further into detail about the concepts of space, tracking Ultimates, and dry pushes – all factors that can help you lead your Overwatch team to victory. It’s definitely worth a watch.