The best Overwatch Workshop Modes to improve as any hero

Overwatch Workshop tips for every heroYouTube/KarQ

Educational Overwatch content creator Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan has released a new video detailing the best Workshop Modes to improve your skills as each of the game’s heroes.

The Overwatch Workshop is chock full of unique modes designed to change up the general experience of Blizzard’s hero-based FPS. It also has some completely innovative training tools that make mastering heroes easier than ever.

Throughout the video, KarQ went over one mode for every hero in the game, but there are several in particular that really stand out.

The first of these is’s Bomb Trainer.’s Self-Destruct Ultimate deals the most burst damage in the game at a whopping 1000, so knowing the exact radius of your exploding mech can pay dividends.

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Learning to land bombs can lead to fight wins.

A purple sphere showcases the damage radius, so you know just how deadly those bombs can be. With some help from this tool, you should be able to wipe the enemy team time and time again.

With Reinhardt, Rein Combat AI puts you in a duel against your German Tank counterpart. This mode lets you fight the enemy tank head-to-head and even lets you practice blocking Earthshatters. It’s a must to improve your knowledge in the match up.

Winston Juggling is a great mode to improve your Primal Rage Ultimate as Winston. Keeping your target – in this case a Zenyatta – within your grasp lets you practice getting the most of your anger and confirm frags.

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Moving onto the DPS heroes, Ashe Training Chamber is excellent at allowing you to practice landing Dynamites over the shields of Reinhardt, Sigma and Orisa.

Genji’s NanoBlade trainer allows you to hone your skills with Dragon Blade with the damage modifiers of a Nanoboost. This one is nice in that you can reposition all the enemies how you like, including the air. Try your luck at getting team kills and those juicy dash resets.

Hanzo Predictive Projectile Trainer is awesome in that it allows you to see where you have to aim in order to land a headshot on an opponent. Because arrow has some travel time, your shots need to account for where your target will be moving. This tool can let you get used to the distance and how far off your shots need to be.

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Pharah duel Workshop mode in OverwatchYouTube/KarQ
Winning the Pharah duel will let you rule the skies.

Next, 1v1 Pharah Practice lets you practice Rocket Jumps and dueling enemy Pharahs in the skies. The mode also acts like both you and your AI adversary have Mercy pockets, so your health will automatically regenerate. This is a must try if you find yourself on the losing end of Pharah battles.

For the supports, Brigitte’s Training Facility has a lot of options, but the Dive Denial Practice is superb. With it, you can practice shutting down high mobility heroes such as Winston and Genji through shield bashes and whip shots.

Finally, for Zenyatta, Flanker Duel Practice is excellent and letting you practice eliminating Tracers, Genjis and Doomfists who are coming after you. Zenyatta may be incredibly vulnerable, but you can pack a serious punch, too. Learning to deny flankers the satisfaction of killing you is every blood-thirsty support’s dream.

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Be sure to try out any of the modes listed and take your Overwatch game to the next level.