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These are the most popular Overwatch heroes for each rank

Published: 1/Oct/2018 15:25 Updated: 9/Oct/2018 15:16

by Ross Deason


According to the latest data, more and more Overwatch players are beginning to specialize in playing certain heroes, but which of those heroes are the most popular?

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Competitive Overwatch players are are gradually narrowing down their hero pools in Season 12 and beginning to opt for set “main,” according to the latest information from Omnic Meta.

The data shows that most players are deciding to play as a singular hero in Season 12, which began on August 31, with hero diversity seeming to improve overall.

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Omnic Meta classes “one-trick” players as anyone that plays a particular hero in more than 80% of their matches, while “main” players are any that use a hero more than 50% of the time.


Interestingly, more than 50% of players fall into one of those categories at every single rank in Season 12, but do the hero pools differ as we work our way up those ranks?

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The answer is “yes and no.” In an image produced by Omnic Meta, the top 10 most popular hero mains in for each rank in Season 12 show that Reinhardt is top or second for every rank from Bronze to Grandmaster, while Ana becomes steadily more popular as the ranks increase:

Omnic Meta

Ana and Reinhardt are top “by a large margin” in the four higher tiers, and Reinhardt’s 2000 HP shield means that he continues to be a top pick even at the lower ranks.


Once you get past Reinhardt, though, there are major differences in the popularity of champions depending on rank. Mercy is used progressively less as the ranks increase and Moira’s popularity drops from middle of the pack to non existent once you hit the Master and Grandmaster divisions.

Junkrat is popular at the lower tiers, while Lucio, Genji and Winston shoot up the rankings when you get to Grandmaster rank.

For more data and information about the number of players choosing to specialize with a particular main, the win percentages for those mains and more, check out Omnic Meta’s original article.


Season 12 is expected to end on October 29 for European players and October 28 for American players. Will we see the most popular champions change before it comes to a close?