Super loses it after Overwatch 2 glitch gives D.Va his forehead

Ryan Lemay

The Overwatch 2 developers may have paid homage to a classic Overwatch community meme by giving D.Va a strikingly similar forehead to Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi. 

Super won two Overwatch League Championships and one Overwatch World Cup, before retiring in March 2022. The Overwatch legend transitioned into becoming a full-time streamer.

After the second Overwatch 2 beta launched on June 28, interest “plummeted” since the initial hype. Fans were also outraged over massive nerfs to Overwatch heroes Mercy and Symmetra.

Despite the decline in Overwatch 2 viewership on Twitch, a hilarious clip from Super’s stream went viral. A long-running joke between Super and the Overwatch community revolves around his large forehead. The joke came full circle with a D.Va bug in the beta.

D.Va uses melee
Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va can deal double melee by activating her ultimate.

A hilarious D.Va bug goes viral

As seen in the Twitch clip below, D.Va at first looks normal, but as she runs her bangs disappear revealing a comically large forehead.

The clip currently has just under 60,000 views and the bug made its way around Reddit as well.

The joke is made funnier by the fact that in 2021 a Reddit post circulated, joking about Super’s forehead.

Luckily, Super took the joke in stride and even made a YouTube video in 2020 with the title “big forehead moments of 2020”.

But this isn’t the only physical change that D.Va received from her original Overwatch form. For Overwatch 2, D.Va received a new look for her out-of-MEKA design and some Overwatch fans freaked out about a “booty buff.”

The popular Overwatch hero dominated headlines because of both changes, and it will be interesting to see how long both adjustments last.