Down bad Overwatch fans freak out over D.Va’s “booty buff” in OW2

Dva has a buff in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans excited for the second beta were in for a treat after spotting D.Va’s new out-of-MEKA look that includes what some consider to be a buff to her bum.

The second Overwatch 2 beta arrived on June 28 and updated numerous character models, added the new Junker Queen hero and a ton of additional changes to the upcoming sequel.

As fans have been playing and discovering both some good and bad with the updates, one hero’s new design has piqued the interest of many.

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Fan-favorite hero D.Va actually ended up having one of the more popular new looks, but maybe not for reasons that Blizzard intended as her butt looks sizable bigger than it did in the first game.

overwatch d.vaBlizzard Entertainment
D.Va received some buffs in the second beta.

Overwatch 2 players in love with D.Va’s new look

On Twitter, user ‘pixidemi’ pointed out the change, commenting how D.Va’s “ass got a buff” in Overwatch 2.

Thirsty fans began to voice their pleasure with the change, writhing how D.Va “deserves to have her assets buffed” and how this might get them to return to Overwatch.

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It will be interesting to see if D.Va’s changes remain in the game going forward, as Blizzard has a history of backtracking on somewhat “sexualized” heroes, like they did with Tracer back in the original game.

Back in 2016, Tracer had a victory pose removed after some fans believed it sexualized her character too much. Then Game Director Jeff Kaplan apologized to users, promising to “try to do better.”

Given how D.Va’s new look isn’t tied to one pose and the positive reaction by the community, it seems like it could very well stay in the game even if a few people end up taking issue with it.

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