Overwatch 2 players blown away by new in-game ability stats

Cassidy on night route 66Blizzard Entertainment

The new Overwatch 2 beta has given players more statistics than ever to track how well they’ve been performing in a match, even sharing some information that was hidden previously.

The second Overwatch 2 beta went live on June 28 giving fans on console and PC the chance to try out the game’s latest hero, The Junker Queen, alongside map redesigns, and an abundance of new content.

With so much going on, players have been having a blast sinking their teeth into the beta, even if there have been some major criticisms of Mercy and Symmetra’s kits specifically.

On a positive note, however, the new in-game scoreboard has fans pumped for what’s to come, especially because of the stats now available to them.

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D.va overwatch 2 statsReddit/Cydar_
D.Va mains can finally see how many ultimates they’ve eaten.

New Overwatch 2 stats give players more information

By pressing the scoreboard button during a match, players can now gain access to a number of new stats specific to their hero along with how their teammates are performing.

For instance, if you’re a D.Va main and have been curious about how many ultimates you’ve eaten with Defense Matrix, the game will now tell you with a “ultimates negated” stat.

The same goes for Genji, who has a “not yet implemented” stat showing how many ultimates he has Deflected.

zenyatta's new statsReddit/Cydar_
Support heroes now have a “players saved” stat.

Interestingly, another of the “not yet implemented” support stats is listed as “players saved.” It’s unclear how this stat will function, but it’s something Blizzard is still working on.

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Players are quite happy with the new information, as a few have been requested for quite some time, even if they’re not quite working as intended just yet.

“Waited oh so long for Sleep Dart Accuracy,” one user wrote on Reddit.

genji overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 players have loads of new information available.

“I’d appreciate an explanation from the devs at some point about what some of these mean,” said another. “How is Coalescence targeting efficiency calculated, for instance?”

We’ll have to see what the developers have to say in the future and what additional stats are provided, especially as Overwatch 2 will give players more tools than ever to improve with its “after-action report” once it launches on October 4.

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