Sneaky Overwatch trick uses Busan’s confusing walls for simple kills

Theo Salaun
YouTube, McMagicMarvOW

An Overwatch player has not only figured out how the infamous Busan: MEKA Base walls work, but also how they can be used for easy surprise kills. In a YouTube video, they broke down how you can master the confusing orange structures.

If you’ve played on Busan’s MEKA Base in Overwatch, you likely know just how infuriating (or miraculous) the walls can be. Sometimes known as the “orange RNG walls,” they seem to pop up and down around the control point at random.

But, as YouTuber and Twitch streamer McMagicMarv explains, they’re not random or RNG at all — instead, the walls’ movement follows a specific pattern that you can easily master. 

Not only that, but once you know how to read the walls’ pattern, you can also use them to easily get on the high ground for some surprise kills on the point. The breakdown is important knowledge and the jump tech could be lethal.

As McMagicMarv reveals, you can use MEKA Base’s sound and visual cues to understand how the walls work. When they’re fully down, the siren will go off for three seconds and buzz three times. On the third buzz, the walls will begin raising again.

Once the walls are up, they will remain that way for 12 seconds. Then, the process repeats itself.

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Past the walls, MEKA Base has some pretty decorations.

Once the walls are down, though, you can pull off a neat trick. The walls don’t raise you high enough for a simple jump, but if you time it perfectly and jump before they’re fully raised — you get a boost of momentum and can super-jump onto the high ground.

Using the knowledge of the walls pattern and of the super-jump trick, you can therefore pull off some nasty plays without the other team knowing what’s happening.

If you’re a McCree or a Soldier 76 for example, you can pop up to the high ground in a couple seconds flat — going from hiding to using your ultimate from above. Since this tech can be pulled off so suddenly, it means you can catch your enemies off-guard and probably secure some easy kills.