Sleek Overwatch skin concept turns Echo into an RGB gaming PC

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

One artist and Overwatch fan has made a brilliant new skin design for Echo that turns the DPS hero into every gamer’s dream RGB PC.

Echo is all the rage when it comes to DPS heroes in Overwatch right now, with a powerful kit and abilities that make her the terror of support players worldwide.

The Omnic’s also not doing too badly in the skin department either, and while she didn’t a new one for Winter Wonderland 2020, that hasn’t stopped fans from coming up with a few ideas of their own. One of the best so far is from concept artist Eva ‘Evanyla‘ Cringle, who turned Echo into an RGB-lit rig any gamer would be proud of.

It wouldn’t be RGB without a matching black case.

Echo looks every bit like a front-page post on the r/pcmasterrace subreddit here, with a sleek black chassis and enough colored LEDs to light up a room.

Since it replaces the blue with RGB, it would also make sense for her abilities to be given a rainbow, eyeball-assaulting visual makeover as well. Evanyla was obviously thinking the same, redesigning the hero’s main weapons (her fingers) to match the rest of the skin.

If you look closely, the joints on her arms and legs are actually little lit up fans dutifully spinning away, but the best are the ones found on her wings, which finally explains how she’s able to fly around.

RGB sticky bombs sound great, as long as your not on the receiving end.

Though this skin is just a sketch, for now, we would bet someone is already thinking about making it into a full 3D design, if an ambitious Blizzard designer hasn’t started on one already.

We’d buy this in a heartbeat — as any gamer knows the more RGB you have the better you frag out, and it would fit perfectly into something like the Anniversary event’s loot boxes as well.

Even though Evanyla’s design would be an instant hit, we’ll have to wait to see what official skins come out for Echo in 2021. The Lunar New Year event is coming up in a few weeks and there is a chance a new one could come out then, but it probably won’t be infused with pure RGB gaming power.