Stunning origin Widowmaker skin concept is steeped in Overwatch lore

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Overwatch’s spider queen, Widowmaker, has become one of the community’s most popular characters to design skins for, and this lore heavy idea has us infatuated. 

Of all of Overwatch’s iconic characters, Widowmaker perhaps is the most tragic. Transformed from one of France’s most promising ballerinas into the blue-skinned sniper we know today, the Talon agent’s history is marred by anguish.

It’s because of this that the title’s community holds a special place for her in their hearts. From stunning cosplays to crossover skin ideas, we’ve seen thousands of different fan-made renditions of the heartless huntress.

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What we haven’t seen, though, is a skin concept so steeped in lore that it’s perfect for die-hard fans everywhere. Well, turns out we’ve found just the one.

WidowmakerBlizzard Entertainment
Before she was Widowmaker, Amélie Lacroix was Paris’ most promising dancer.

Overwatch Widowmaker skin idea reimagines her origins

Entitled ‘First Kill Widowmaker,’ concept artist Louzelia_Art has taken Overwatch fans on deep dive into the past, right back to the moment before the newly created Widowmaker murdered her husband, Gérard, in his sleep.

Harkening back to Amélie Lacroix’s first steps as the spider queen, this design sees that iconic blue skin replaced with her normal Parisian tan. Writing that “at the time she has only been brainwashed and trained, not yet fully cybernetically enhanced.” This explains the artist’s choice.

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Wearing a blood-red silk gown with ebony French-style lacing fringing the entire garment, she’s pictured with midnight-colored roses in her cascading chocolate brown hair. “She killed him in his sleep based on the lore,” she writes, “so I drew inspiration from French lace, evening gowns, and chemises as well as keeping her glove relatively simple.”

Every detail is perfect, even down to her arachnid-inspired tattoos which are a sign of her ongoing transformation.


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Writing that she “had a lot of fun” when designing this, the design is truly unique in every way. Each tiny detail is thought out and placed with perfect precision – something that would make Widow herself proud if she could feel emotions.

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As Louzelia continues to create, we can’t wait to see her next Overwatch skin idea. Until then, drop an F in the chat for poor Amélie Lacroix.

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