Overwatch meets Guardians of the Galaxy with insane Widowmaker Gamora skin design

Marvel/Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch fan has crafted an incredible skin design that transforms Widowmaker into Gamora from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy went from being a relatively lesser known comic book franchise to a mega blockbuster hit back in 2014 when it entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, with the third film in the Guardians series approaching and a game recently announced at E3 2021, an Overwatch fan has brought Marvel’s space opera to Blizzard’s hero shooter and the result is simply amazing.

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The skin, which was designed by Luca Albrecht transforms Widowmaker and her purple skin into a green alien look, turning her into Gamora.

Design wise, the skin looks like it would perfectly suit the sniper lady, with all of Widowmaker’s height and other dimensions intact to match that of Gamora.

Her long legs are changed from being dressed in purple tights to blue jean-looking pants, but she keeps her familiar heeled boots.

She also keeps the gauntlets on her hands and her new sniper rifle even has the Guardians logo on it.

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Widowmaker glaresBlizzard Entertainment
Widowmaker is one of the original Overwatch heroes

In another image provided by the artist, she is wearing Star Lord’s helmet, which would serve nicely as potentially an alternate design.

Unlike other shooters such as Fortnite or even Warzone, Overwatch hasn’t gone out of their way to add skins based on non-Blizzard franchises, so the chances of this skin actually being added are unfortunately quite slim.

Still, if Blizzard ever changes their approach to skins, especially with Overwatch 2 in development, seeing something like this come to life would be quite the treat for both Overwatch and Marvel fans.

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Gamora in Square Enix Guardians of the GalaxySquare Enix
Gamora is in the new Guardians of the Galaxy game.

Hopefully, we can get some news on Blizzard’s approach to skins, cosmetics and loot boxes for Overwatch 2 in the coming months ahead as more details start to emerge.

Until then, we can enjoy amazing fan art like this and only hope that we can see it in-game at some point in the future.

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