Streamer hilariously explains the best way to communicate in Overwatch

Bill Cooney

Team communication is crucial for Overwatch players who want to try and move up the ranks, but Twitch streamer Jorpen thinks the game has some of the easiest comms out there.

Like any other online multiplayer game, especially team-based ones, communication with teammates in Overwatch can be the difference between winning and losing a match, as long as teammates are actually listening.

But Overwatch comms might be some of the simplest out there, at least according to Twitch streamer Jorpen.

During a match on Ilios, Jorpen explains that “DOTA comms are a shit show, but in this game you just say the name of a hero randomly as much as you want until they’re dead, then you say winnable and that’s how you do comms in this game.”

The streamer then gives an example to viewers in the next fight. He starts calling out Reinhardt, but then switches to Zarya once she gets isolated.

After that, “winnable” starts coming out and, thanks to some nice ultimate coordination by Hanzo and Zarya, Jorpen’s team does indeed win the fight.

“‘Huge,’ that’s the other adjective you have to use,” the streamer added after his team had won the fight.

For anyone that’s ever had the chance to listen to professional Overwatch team comms, Jorpen appears to be spot on in his description of callouts in Overwatch.

But as they say, if it’s not broken, why fix it? Team callouts in Overwatch might often devolve into just repeating a certain heroes name and a few adjectives, but so far it seems to have worked just fine.

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