Strange Overwatch bug causes D.Va’s Self-Destruct to deal zero damage

. 11 months ago
Dva in her meka
Blizzard Entertainment

When it comes to ultimates in Overwatch, none deal as much damage as D.Va’s Self-Destruct. That is, until users discovered a new bug that completely ruins the powerful ability.

Self-Destruct is one of the most versatile ultimates in Overwatch with a number of uses. While it’s commonly used to score kills by throwing the exploding mech into the enemy team, smart D.Va players can use it to secure a “second life” of sorts.

Right before being de-meched, players will activate their ultimate, causing opponents to flee, letting D.Va return to a new mech and continue being a menace.

Another use is to simply zone off the enemy team and take away a positional advantage. This can mean forcing foes off of the high ground or other fortified positions to give your team an edge.

D.Va Self-destruct damage
Blizzard Entertainment
Self-Destruct is supposed to deal 1,000 damage to enemies.

Sadly, none of these uses get as much value if Self-Destruct doesn’t deal any damage and that’s exactly what happened in a game featuring Twitch streamer KarQ. Needless to say, the Overwatch streamer was shocked when he didn’t die to an exploding mech.

During a match on Lijang Night Market, the support along with teammates were shocked when they survived an oncoming D.Va bomb at point-blank range.

“Wait, how did I not take damage?!” KarQ wondered, eventually leading him to pull up a replay of the fight to see what happened.

The play by the enemy team was nearly perfect. A Wrecking Ball hit both a Lucio and Baby D.Va with PileDriver right as their D.Va teammate launched their mech at them. The result should have been a triple kill, with KarQ also in the vicinity to fall victim to the bomb.

“The D.Va bomb did nothing! Boom. Nothing happened. No damage at all,” he explained.

The only possible reason for this happening that KarQ noted is a weird interaction with Sonic Arrow. Considering his Hanzo teammate shot the D.Va with an arrow right before the bomb was launched, there could be a slim chance that the arrow somehow blocked the explosion.

That said, KarQ wasn’t sure about this and sent the clips to Blizzard devs to review. If Sonic Arrow can in fact block D.Va bomb, that could end up being an interesting secret buff for Hanzo, but it’s looking like it could also just be a weird glitch.

In any case, watch out when you launch your exploding mech as D.Va, as there’s a chance it ends up being a complete waste.

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