Strange Overwatch 2 visual bug is already driving Reaper mains crazy

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A strange and niche visual bug has cropped up in the Overwatch 2 beta and it’s driving some Reaper mains crazy thanks to the way he holds his dual shotguns.

Overwatch 2’s second beta is in full swing and players are exploring all the new changes Blizzard has introduced following the first beta in May 2022.

Though, sometimes a few bugs arise as players test out the most recent build of the game, as was the case in Overwatch 2’s first beta period.

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Another strange but niche bug has cropped up thanks to the discerning eye of one Reaper player who noticed the way he holds his dual shotguns is a bit off.

Overwatch 2 Reaper visual bug drives players crazy

overwatch blackwatch reyes reaper skinThe Blackwatch Reyes skin, which is at the center of this visual bug, shows Reaper during his time in Blackwatch – the covert division of Overwatch.

The bug gained traction on the Overwatch subreddit thanks to a user by the name of ‘TekinJ2000‘ who first spotted this visual glitch.

According to them, the Blackwatch Reyes skin for Reaper causes the character to hold his dual shotguns slightly unlevel, with the left gun being just a tad higher than the right.

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TekinJ2000 claims that “even without a gold weapon the shotgun is still out of sync,” making a comparison image between Overwatch 1 and 2.

The image makes it much more apparent, as well as the visual line that clearly shows the left shotgun isn’t level with the other like it used to be.

In just one day, the post gained over 3,500 likes and 225 comments – though many of the replies are making jokes about just how minor this issue is.

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“Maybe he’s just getting old, arms don’t hold shotguns like they used to,” said Reddit user ‘minju9.’

Other Reddit users filled the comments with variants of the phrase “literally unplayable,” clearly meant to make light of what they deem to be a minor bug.

However, it’s hard to deny that the way Reaper holds his shotguns with this particular skin is fairly annoying thanks to the bug. Hopefully, Blizzard takes note and adjusts this for those visually astute players in the future.

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