OWL pros baffled after bizarre Overwatch 2 bug causes losing team to “win”

Overwatch 2 baptisteBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League fans and pros were left absolutely bewildered during the Kickoff Clash playoffs on June 2 after a strange OW2 bug made it so the team that lost somehow won.

Push is Overwatch 2’s newest game mode and is designed to be somewhat of a tug-of-war style game where both teams are tasked with escorting a robot closer to their opponent’s base.

So far, the reaction to Push has been well-received, but a new bug with the game has made some matches end in a strange way with the team that won somehow losing. Needless to say, it makes for some wild theatrics.

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That’s exactly what happened during the first round match of the Kickoff Clash between the Florida Mayhem and the Atlanta Reign after the decisive fight ended in the Rein’s favor, or so it seemed.

Weird OW2 bug confuses Overwatch League stars

With Atlanta on series point, all the Reign needed was to win one more team fight on Push to secure their ticket to the next round.

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Despite Atlanta earning the first frag and looking like they had it in the bag, the victory screen popped up stating that the Mayhem had won, resulting in some much-needed clarification.

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“Everyone in the lobby is confused about who won,” said commentator MrX as the players waited for a result from a league official.

Finally, after a bit of a wait, Atlanta were informed that they had in fact earned the W, but not without some added stress to conclude the match.

Hopefully, the Overwatch 2 developers can fix these game errors in time for the second beta. Expect news about that later this month during a special event stream on June 16. Until then, however, we can enjoy the chaos being played out in OWL.

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