Sensational Overwatch tank hero concept ‘Voltikko’ looks game-ready

David Purcell
Art from @Nexzerker

Many of these Overwatch hero concepts are often overlooked but this tank hero character’s design stands out from the pack, looks game-ready and it has one hell of a backstory. 

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The concept – which is called ‘Voltikko’ – has been posted on Twitter alongside background information, sketches of the character which were put together in the design stage and a detailed backstory which was written by Mario Mentasti. 

“Voltikko is arrogant and charismatic, burning with determination and hatred. His scorn for his brothers, who in his eyes abandoned him, is only topped by his hatred of mankind.”

Not all of the character designs posted by members of the Overwatch community are as complete as this one and you can see how much time and effort has been put in to mould this tank hero concept. 

@Nexzerker, Twitter
Detailed backstory for Voltikko, a tank hero concept for Overwatch.
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Footage of the concept has been posted to YouTube by Mustang Gaming, showing off the abilities and capabilities of this complex fan-made hero. 

Its main functions would be Iris Breaker, Dissonance, Savage Pounce, Capture Orb, Iris Blast and Unstable – which all have their own qualities, as seen in the video below. 

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The ability with the most knock back damage is Iris Blast, which would produce a wave across a short range but with great width. 

By tapping alt fire it would launch a small shock wave with low damage, whereas holding down on it would create a big wave, blasting everything in front of them and causing some serious knock back.  

Another recent Overwatch concept is the idea of adding a friendly fire game mode. While the likelihood of this type of mode being added to the game in the near future is slim, the creator insists that its addition would add more layers of strategy in the game.