Samurai Orisa skin design is the Overwatch Lunar New Year cosmetic fans needed

overwatch orisa stands in front of mount fujiBlizzard Entertainment, Alpsdake

Overwatch’s annual Lunar New Year event only gave players two Legendary skins for 2022, but this insane samurai-inspired skin for Orisa needs to make the cut for 2023.

While Overwatch’s Lunar New Year celebration is a favorite among fans, the 2022 iteration of the timeless event left many fans feeling a little out in the cold.

With only two Legendary skins on offer instead of the usual five, players were quick to criticize Blizzard for an apparent continued lack of interest in developing their flagship FPS.

If we had seen five Lunar skins, though, we’d have loved to see something like this samurai-inspired design for robotic tank character, Orisa, whose been completely transformed to reflect the festivities.

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overwatch orisa bull demon lunar new year 2021 skinBlizzard Entertainment
Orisa’s last Lunar New Year skin dropped in 2021, and boy is it fine.

Overwatch Samurai Orisa skin idea is perfect

While it’s still an early sketch of an upcoming design, artist u/Thor9616 has posted a samurai-inspired skin design for Orisa.

Inspired by Japan’s ancient sharpshooters as they rode into battle on horseback, this skin is perfect for the fan-favorite tank due to her equine-style design.

Sporting a traditional kabuto headpiece, Thor9619 perfectly translates the colorful armor across to Orisa’s metal plating, decking the character out in red, gold, and brown. Giant hooves dig into the floor beneath her, as she primes her Fusion Driver and gets ready to take down Overwatch’s enemies.

Each of her weapons are designed to look somewhat like bamboo, mirroring the archer’s wooden bow and arrows in a subtle reference to the good ol’ days.

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It turns out that we’re not the only ones that are obsessed with this design, as the comments section is awash with positive feedback.

“This is awesome!” writes one fan, while another states “love it, I usually don’t like fan-made skins but this is dope would love to see it added.”

Whether or not we see Orisa transformed into one of history’s most fearsome warriors remains to be seen, but as Overwatch 2 draws ever closer we’d love to see a variation of this skin kick off the sequel’s Lunar celebrations in style.