Powerful Overwatch trick makes Torbjorn’s turret extra strong

Michael Gwilliam
Torbjorn in air on LijangBlizzard Entertainment

Ever since his Overwatch rework, Torbjorn has become a lot better to play on offense. While his turret may not be able to reach level 3 anymore with Molten Core changed completely, a neat trick turns it into a super deadly machine.

When Torbjorn was reworked, Molten Core was changed from energizing the Swedish hero and his turret to firing liquid hot magma from his gun. This alteration was a better move for the character as previously, the turret took time to upgrade to level 2 and could be destroyed before the ultimate would activate.

However, this means that some players have never had a chance to experience the true horror that was the level 3 turret. Luckily, former Overwatch pro Jacob ‘Jake’ Lyon showed off a way to buff it in-game making it into a pseudo level 3.

As the DPS player held down Lijiang Night Market, he called for his Baptiste teammate to play point and join him outside of it.

Torbjorn is angryBlizzard Entertainment
Torbjorn is in a better spot since being reworked.

“Bap, on my turret back here. It’s going to be epic,” he grinned.

At this point in the match, Jake’s team had 90-percent point progress and counting, which meant the enemy team would have to pull off a miracle in the remaining moments to retake control.

Jake and the Baptiste player realized this and the support put down his Amplification Matrix ultimate directly in front of the turret, causing it to deal double damage on all foes who attempted to storm the objective.

In Overwatch, Torbjorn’s turret deals 14 damage per shot and fires at a rate of four shots per second. This meant that when firing through the Amplification Matrix, it deals 28 per shot or 112 damage per second.

Plus, other damage boosting abilities such as Mercy’s beam or Orisa’s Supercharger don’t work on the turret, so this gives Baptiste and Torbjorn some nice synergy.

Not only this, but Jake also used his Molten Core ultimate through the window to ensure that anyone trying to advance would have to deal with the magma, his own double Torbjorn damage, and even the Baptiste firing down onto them.

Torbjorn and his turret.Blizzard Entertainment
Torb’s turret gets a nice buff with Baptiste.

“The double damage aim bot!” Jake exclaimed. “It’s so good.”

Next time you’re in a game and need to keep control of an Overwatch objective, be sure to try having your Baptiste use his Ultimate in front of a turret. It may just end up providing enough firepower to hold.