Player discovers bug on new Overwatch map Busan

Busan was only added to Overwatch on September 11 and a Reddit user has already found a spot on the Downtown map that doesn’t seem to be working as intended.

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Reddit user sorsakasa discovered the issue while playing as Moira. While dueling an enemy Mei, he used Moira’s Biotic Orb only to see it fly off through the upper corner of a wall that seems like it should be solid.

The player was able to reproduce the bug and sends both healing and decay orbs flying through the corner like the wall isn’t even there.

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It’s not known whether this phenomenon is because of Busan’s level design, or has something to do with Moira’s Orbs, as some users pointed out in the comments.

“I believe this bug is very common on all maps and modes with Moira, any hard angles + orb = clip through,” HammondioliNcheeze suggested.

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Busan is Overwatch’s newest map and includes a ton of easter eggs players can discover and interact with, like singing karaoke with Reinhardt or playing the in-game version of Dance Dance Revolution.

This Moira bug was probably not intended as one of those easter eggs by developers, but if they do appear on more maps than just Busan, it seems like something players might have to get used to.

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