OWL caster Soe posts hospital update after multiple car accident

. 7 months ago
Twitter: EsportsAwards

Overwatch caster and esports host, Soe Gschwind, has been involved in a “bad” car accident with her partner that has left the pair in hospital.

Announcing the accident in the early hours of November 25, OWL caster and Overwatch community icon, Soe Gschwind, confirmed that she and her partner, Jacob, had both been hospitalized.

Writing that she was “mostly fine,” she goes on to state that the couple were “waiting for him [Jacob] to get a CT done” at the time of writing.

Overwatch caster Soe involved in car accident

“Had a bad car accident,” she states, going on to confirm: “all cars involved got totalled. Looking at my car, I can’t believe everyone walked out of this alive. In shock but very grateful.”

The comments section of the tweet are flooded with well-wishes from some of gaming and esports’ biggest stars, as well as a collection of Overwatch League teams.

“Jesus. Hope all the tests come back okay. Sorry to hear this happened,” comments 100 Thieves co-owner and streaming sensation Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop.

This was followed up by a message from fellow OWL analyst, Scott ‘Custa’ Kennedy, who writes “glad to hear both of you are okay.”

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