Overwatch’s Lucioball gets massive improvements thanks to the Workshop - Dexerto

Overwatch’s Lucioball gets massive improvements thanks to the Workshop

Published: 28/May/2019 23:28 Updated: 29/May/2019 11:03

by Bill Cooney


Lucioball is one of those Overwatch modes that players either tolerate for loot boxes, or just flat out despise, so one player decided to set out and try to make Lucioball live up to its potential.

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The mini game was first introduced to Overwatch during the first ever Summer Games in 2016 and even though it’s gone through a few updates since then, it still manages to rub a few players the wrong way whenever it shows up in the Arcade lineup.

So, rather than just telling those complaining to just “git gud”, Overwatch fan Kocq set out to rework the mode and make it more enjoyable to play.


Blizzard EntertainmentLucioball was introduced during the first Summer Games event in 2016.
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“Oh, come on ref!”

Kocq created all the elements for Lucioball from scratch inside of the Workshop, including the arena, which is now on a rooftop in King’s Row instead of a special-made arena.

Players can even change the settings on the ball to change the movement speed and how gravity affects it. Kocq said the code started off at “slow and low” referring to ball settings to make it “noob friendly”.

You can also switch between the current ultimate available in Lucioball and the old version from 2016 with a simple press of “F” (or whatever console players have as their interact button).


There are also custom team colors available, a randomized spawn to make sure you’re not always stuck playing goalie and a ton of other cool features.

For players who want to try out Kocq’s new and improved Lucioball, the code is: PAN76.

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When will Summer Games arrive?

We don’t have an exact date for when Summer Games and therefore Lucioball will be back, but Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan indicated the event would return sometime in August.

Kaplan also hinted at some major new content coming later this summer, but didn’t specify what they would be or when they would arrive.


With players complaining about Lucioball showing up even in the Anniversary Arcade lineup, it will be interesting to see if Blizzard makes any more changes to the minigame for 2019.