Overwatch’s Brigitte goes medieval with stained glass skin idea

Overwatch Stained Glass BrigitteBlizzard Entertainment

Whether you love her or hate her Overwatch’s support hero Brigitte has become one of the game’s most famous faces, but one fan has completely transformed her with this stunning skin concept.

Overwatch’s Swedish sentinel Brigitte has always been at the heart of the game’s controversy. Criticized constantly for being badly balanced, the support hero has developed a bit of a “love her or hate her” reputation.

It turns out she’s not alone, though. This year’s Archives Event skins have also polarized the community, with the newest Mercy cosmetic being memed everywhere for looking like “Karen,” the internet’s most entitled woman.

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Speaking of Brigitte and skins, one fan has created a beautiful skin concept for her that we’d love to see pop up in-game.

Stained Glass Brigitte Overwatch skin concept

Overwatch BrigitteBlizzard Entertainment
Despite her infamous reputation, you can’t help but love this beautiful skin.

Looking as though she’s walked out of the gothic style halls of Eichenwalde Castle, SilverGarnet12‘s ‘Stained Glass Brigitte’ is an architect’s dream.

With the Swede’s shield transformed into colorful glass, the central nexus of the weapon is adorned with a particularly angry-looking stone gargoyle. Coupled with the angular shape of the glass itself, it’s pretty clear that this skin has been inspired by medieval buildings.

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The rainbow panels are carried across into her armor and weapons as embellishments, which is shrouded in brown cloth reminiscent of the medieval travelers of old.

At the outfit’s central core there’s yet another fierce-looking creature, and it’s no stretch of the imagination to picture it glaring down at you from the spires of Notre Dame.

SilverGarnet has clearly put a lot of work into this concept, as the skin itself has all the hallmarks of medieval architecture and artistry. Channeling Skyrim and Witcher vibes, Stained Glass Brig could easily fit comfortably into either title.

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The icing on the cake, though, is that this skin is channels her personality. Colorful and fun most of the time, she’s not afraid to get serious when the going gets tough.

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