Overwatch 2 streamer gets all Top 10 rank leaderboard spots maining these two heroes

Michael Gwilliam
echo duplicating into multiple overwatch 2 heroes

A single Overwatch 2 streamer has managed to get ten different accounts into the Top 10 leaderboard rankings by maining just two heroes.

Getting an account into Overwatch 2’s Top 500 ranking is a big accomplishment for most competitive players, as it represents that they’ve reached an elite status in their region and platform.

While this might be good enough for some ladder grinders, one has taken things to the extreme by getting the highest spot possible with ten accounts.

On July 18, Twitch streamer Yazan ‘YZNSA’ Alsubhi took full control of OW2’s Top 10 DPS rankings in Europe and did so by primarily maining two heroes.

Overwatch 2 player takes control of all Top 10 leaderboard rankings

YZNSA has been one of the best talents in Europe for ages now even at once point reached rank 1 in three different regions at once.

The Saudi Arabian Overwatch Contenders player has been known for his stellar Pharah gameplay, but he’s since added another hero to his repertoire – one that requires knowledge of every character in the game.

According to the leaderboard, YZNSA primarily used Echo on each of his ten accounts followed by his trusty Pharah and occasionally an appearance from Soujorn.

Only one account featured a hero other than Pharah and Echo with his sixth-ranked profile also making use of Hanzo.

Despite using mostly Echo, the hero’s Duplicate ultimate requires one to have knowledge of multiple different characters as it makes Echo transform into an enemy for a brief amount of time. As such, it makes YZNSA’s dominance that much more impressive.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else can step up and dethrone the Saudi during the remainder of Season 5 or if the new hero coming in Season 6 can provide a new answer to deal with YZNSA’s aerial superiority.